Bronze (primarily 8&U and developing 9-10 student-athletes)

SEA's Mission - To empower the youth of Southeastern Wisconsin in a safe and supportive enviornment to be champions in life through excellence in swimming.

The primary goal of Bronze and Silver is to the lay the groundwork for future success (sound stroke mechanics, proper starts, turns, finishes, strong base of kicking, and relay exchanges), the goals of Gold is to build the aerobic base and master distance free and distance IM events (ensuring a well rounded swimmer), while the goal of Senior is to prepare swimmers for college swimming.

The primary movement date for the Fall & Winter Season is December 1 of each year.  The primary movement date for the Spring & Summer Season is the first day of the Summer Season (each swimmer is also evaluated at the conclusion of a season and during the season as well).

To move from Bronze to Silver, swimmers must prove proficiency in the skills listed below and be recommended for movement by their coach:

1) Demonstrate mastery (legal) in the following events: 25 Free, 25 Back, 25 Breast, 25 Fly, 50 Free, 50 Back and 100 IM.

2) Demonstrate consistent and proper use of the streamline position (can explain what proper streamlining looks like)

3) Demonstrate a streamlined racing start from the side of the pool

4) Dives "in the same hole" - fingers first, then elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, feet (can explain what a proper streamlined racing start looks like)

5) Demonstrate a streamlined racing backstroke start (can explain what a proper streamlined racing backstroke start looks like)

6) Demonstrate an open turn (can explain what an open turn is)

7) Bi-lateral breathes when swimming freestyle during practice

8) Begins to understand what the pace clock is and how to use it (can show where pace clocks are located)