Senior (primarily 15&O and advanced 13-14 student-athletes)

Friday & Saturday workouts (February 16-17)

2023-2024 Fall & Winter Roadmap

2023-2024 Goal Sheet

YMCA National Required Meet Document

Athlete Protection Training

Navy Warrior Challenge

Pracitce Records


Top 3 Girls - Megan Schultz 2575, Paige Weslask and Hannah Scherwinski 2550, Jenny Gelden and Michelle Goettge 2500

Top 3 Boys - Adam Lewno 2750, Josh Griffey 2700, Zack Kopsea 2650

Athlete Reps:  Rylie Bergemann (voting), Gabi Peterman (alternate rep)

Helpful Videos

Chloe Sutton teaches the back-to-breast crossover turn Developing Championship Concentration Adam Petty loop techinque & basic understanding of timing
How to do a plank Nathan Adrian Freestyle Technique Perfect Butterfly!  Sarah Sjostrom Stroke Analysis
How to flipturn like MP and CD Mindset  


Quick Fixes for Sore Muscles


If you can't attend practice, but can swim on your own, use a practice from this document.