Senior (primarily 15&O and advanced 13-14 student-athletes)

Goal Sheet

2021 Spring & Summer Roadmap

2020-2021 Fall & Winter Roadmap

2020 Spring & Summer Roadmap

2019-2020 Fall & Winter Roadmap

Test Set Results

2019-2020 Fall & Winter 2020 Summer
2020-2021 Fall & Winter 2021 Spring & Summer
2021-2022 Fall & Winter 2022 Spring & Summer


Navy Warrior Challenge

Pracitce Records


Top 3 Girls - Paige Weslask and Megan Schultz 2550, Jenny Gelden and Michelle Goettge 2500

Top 3 Boys - Adam Lewno 2750, Josh Griffey 2700, Zack Kopsea 2625

Helpful Videos

Chloe Sutton teaches the back-to-breast crossover turn Developing Championship Concentration Adam Petty loop techinque & basic understanding of timing
How to do a plank Nathan Adrian Freestyle Technique Perfect Butterfly!  Sarah Sjostrom Stroke Analysis
How to flipturn like MP and CD    


If you can't attend practice, but can swim on your own, use a practice from this document.