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The new season is underway and it is time for the next class of SEA Officials to come forward in support of the team and athletes.  Becoming a USA-Swimming/YMCA Stroke and Turn official and officiating at home meets fulfills your worker obligations to SEA.  No experience or knowledge of swimming is required.

The team can always use more officials on the pool deck.  Having a good contingent of officials is an added selling point as the team applies for entry into meets.  Plus, having a good number of officials shows that SEA is a strong organization with a supportive parent/family/friend base.  The more officials the team has, the easier it is to staff the deck, split coverage, and represent SEA at meets hosted by other teams.  It is also desirable for representation of the team and reciprocal support to provide at least 2 officials to each meet the team attends.

I can’t over-emphasize how critical it is to having a good contingent of officials on the team.  Each year, the team experiences turnover and loss of officials.  The team risks not being able to host meets to provide swimming opportunities for our athletes as well as generating revenue streams for the team without a full deck of officials.   If the team is short on available officials, we must seek help from other teams and remember, all sessions need to have a staffed deck.  The team needs your consideration in becoming a new Stroke/Turn official or advancing official certification to Starter/Referee level. 

Please contact Neil Wright ( or 262.994.3157) if you are interested and willing to become certified as a Stroke/Turn official.  If you can attend one of the scheduled clinics, please follow the sign-up link to register.  If you aren’t able to attend any of the scheduled clinics, other arrangements will be made to provide training.  All fees to becoming an official are reimbursed by the team or Wisconsin LSC.

Thanks for your consideration and support for SEA!


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Current SEA Officials

SEA Official Certifications
Jose Arteage Stroke & Turn
Eric Bergemann Stroke & Turn
Ben Foster Stroke & Turn
Sarah Foster Stroke & Turn
Ana Garcia (Arteaga) Stroke & Turn
Christy Klepp Stroke & Turn
Dave Krug Stroke & Turn
Pat Lewno Admin Official Level 2