Welcome to SEA!

Hi and welcome to the SEA Parents page of the website.  We're glad you stopped by!

Raising children today is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences one can face. Here at SEA, we strive to see the "triangle of power" (swimmer, coach and parent relationship) strengthen during the year's you and your family are involved with the club and hope the information on this page can help guide you along the way.  We will never tell you how to raise your children, but we do expect you to represent SEA in a positive, loving manner no matter the situation you find yourself.

Here are a couple of guidelines:

1. Coaches are available 15 minutes before and after practice to help you with questions or concerns.  Please do not interrupt them during practice.

2. If you would like to watch practice, please do so from the balconies (at Park and Racine Aquatic Center) or the lobby (Image Management Family YMCA).

3. Stay off the pool decks during practice and do not coach your swimmer.

4. Your only job is to love, support and transport your children unconditionally.  Please let the trained staff coach your children.

5. Communicate with your coach if you have a question or concern.  If you can't make it to practice for an extended period of time, please notify your swimmer's coach.

6. Have fun and get involved.  Believe it or not, there is ALWAYS something parents can do for the club.  If you would like to help with anything, speak with Coach Neil.

7. Be patient. It takes year's to develop all four strokes, starts, relay exchanges, breakouts, turns and finishes.  EVERYONE learns at different levels and times.  NEVER compare your swimmer with any other swimmer.

8. When dropping your children off at practice, double-check that a SEA Coach is on deck prior to departing.

9. When in doubt, speak with coach.

10.  Most of all, have fun and get involved.