1. What is the team's website address?  www.sea-y.org

2. What is the primary communication for parents to read?  There is a weekly newsletter.  The link is sent out via email and they are available on the website.  If you are not receiving email updates from south.eastern.aquatics@gmail.com, please email a request.

3. Can I get a discount of Kiefer Swim Shop in Zion, IL?  Yes, the discount is 15%.  Just mention to the cashier that you are a member of the SEA Swim Team.

4. Is there a team suit?  Yes, it is a solid black w/green strips and our team logo.  It can be purchased at the Elsmore Swim Shop, via their website.

6. Is there a team swim cap?  Yes, and it should be worn at all swim meets.  Purchase swim caps from coaches for $15 for silicone or $5 for latex.

7. Is SEA on Facebook?  Yes, while logged into Facebook, search for "SEA SWIM TEAM" - it's a closed group, you'll need to request to join.

8. Is SEA on Twitter?  Yes, while logged into Twitter, search "@SEAWisconsin."

9.  Is SEA on Instagram?  Yes, while logged into Instagram, search "seaswimteam."

10. How do I know if my swimmer is ready for a meet and what events do I enter?  All swimmers on the team are ready for meets.  To enter a meet, simply notify Coach Neil.

11. How do I put money in escrow?  Make a check payable to SEA (usually $50, more if you plan on attending many meets) and forward it to Neil Wright, 3210 96th Street, Sturtevant, WI 53177.

12. What if I sign-up for a meet and my swimmer does not compete?  If you know ahead of time, please let Coach Neil know as he may have put your swimmer on a relay.  This may allow him time to find someone else to swim.  You will still be charged for the events your swimmer does not swim.

13. Do I have to work at the meets?  Yes, volunteers are crucial to the success of the program.  Please contact Jose Arteaga at joseharteaga@gmail.com regarding volunteer requirements.

14. If I have question regarding fundraising, who should I contact?  Shay Borzynski at sborzynski@gmail.com.

15. If I have a question regarding general information, who should I contact?  Contact your Head Coach, Neil Wright at south.eastern.aquatics@gmail.com or at 262.994.3157.