No organization is perfect and with the acceptance of that idea, SEA is able to move forward and consistenly reevaluate its Mission and Vision from day-to-day and year-to-year.  SEA's Mission is to empower the youth of Southeastern Wisconsin to be champions in life through excellence in swimming and its Vision reads - as a swim team without a true home, it's SEA's vision to one day build a training facility to call home.  From Parents, the Parent Board, Assistant Coaches, and Head Coach, SEA strives to maintain the focus on its student-athletes and what is best for them (not what's best for one single swimmer, parent or coach).  Below you can read some of SEA's most recent testimonials.

  1. I just want to say thank you to you and your coaches.  My girls, Jordan and Ella are loving swimming!  As a parent, I love to see them so excited and dedicated, its awesome!  Thanks, Nicole P.

  2. Thanks for praising Rachel tonight!  I was trying to zone out in the balcony fighting a cold and heard you call out her name all the way up here.  Every great coach always provides positive reinforcement to boost self-esteem and confidence before providing constructive teaching points.  This creates a positive learning environment motivating the student and builds great rapport between the teacher and student.  I have experienced poor coaching in other organizations from "certified" coaches that don't have one nice thing to say.  This leads to a spiral of poor motivation, loss of desire, and loss of passion for the sport.  Bottom line for this particular organization is that it is all about winning and the recognition (money) regardless of what the training policies state.  The SEA coaches are doing a fantastic job both for the team and for individual growth and encouragement.  It is very refreshing to see and experience.  Keep up the great work!  Thank you!  Liz C.

  3. I just wanted to send a note to let you know what a great experience the time trials were for Halina. The encouragement that she received from her coach and the older students helped to boost her confidence tremendously. Thank You!  Cathy W.

  4. I just don't know how this happened, but I feel awful that we never had a formal "good-bye" before our move.  This spring has been just crazy and Kate seemed to miss so much swimming due to her 8th grade play, and then her school trip to D.C. Carolyn managed to swim quite a bit, but it was unfortunate that our move to Whitefish Bay happened the day after Carolyn's graduation.  With lots of family here and the move, among other things, it was honestly like being taken for a ride that you can't control!  Well, we are here now, living amidst boxes and trying to make progress everyday.  Carolyn left for Maine for the summer (camp counselor) and Kate joins her as a camper on Wednesday.  They both will be doing lots of distance lake swimming, and I know Kate will be ready/excited for her high school tryouts when she gets back in August.  I can't tell you enough how much SEA meant to us this year.  For both of the girls, and for different reasons,  SEA has had a huge impact on their lives and is launching them on a path of a lifetime of fitness.  I couldn't be more grateful; I only wish we had started sooner.  I know we will see you at meets  this next year; it will really be fun for Kate to reconnect with you, Kayla, and the team.  Thank you for everything you have done to inspire my girls.  I look forward to seeing you in the fall/winter!

  5. Thank you for everything you taught me in and out of the pool as the years went by, it was an honor swimming for you.  Jake W.

  6. Thanks for welcoming me onto the team.  It's a lot of work, but so far it's been fun.  Ashely M.

  7. Thanks for taking the time to work with Graham.  He is one lucky guy to be able to work with one of his favorite role models.  Thanks for being so great with all the kids.  Mark and Julie K.

  8. Thank you for all of the training and coaching you did for me while on SEA.  It meant a lot (for sacrificing your time and helping me become a better swimmer).  Morgan F.

  9. Just a small token of our thanks and true appreciation for all you do!  I so appreciate all of the encouragement and "Thumbs Up" that you give our girls and to all the swimmers!  You do so much to make this a great program.  Thank you.  Ara and Jody M.

  10. I don't even know where to start thanking you.  You have always been there for me, and I always appreciated that.  You have been there with me through some hard times and some pretty exciting ones too.  I don't know what the future will hold, but judging by the past I think it will be fun.  Thank you for everything.  Adam L.

  11. Thanks again for creating a positive and life-building experience for Paige this summer and past spring.  Keep up the great coaching!  Kevin and Claire W.

  12. Thank you so very much for your coaching, motivation, being a great role model and your patience.  Atis and Cheri D.

  13. My name is Michele N., I used to swim for SEAY under your direction way back when my maiden name was H. and we practiced at Park.  I attended an event at Case HS recently and stopped by the old swimming hole to see that SEA was alive and well. I'm so glad to hear that the organization is still around; I learned a lot of life lessons during my small time there, and wish I could remember the old workouts we used to do. I didn't go on to swim in high school or college but I did  guard and teach lessons for many years.  I got back in the pool for the first time in 10 years the other day and I miss the lessons and coaching that came along with competitive swimming. I saw on the website Breanna is now coaching, I swam along side her and a few other girls I remember.  Hope all is well, I will forever be a supporter of SEA.  Michele N.

  14. I like the tunes at practice.  Jeff P.

  15. Everything you said about SEA seems so apparent to us after just a short time on the team.  The coaches are wonderful, I can see the interaction from the stands and the kids are just as amazing.  Motivation comes from within but these coaches ignite that fire.  Thanks so much for all you all do!  Melanie B.

  16. By the way, I'm sure you don't hear it often enough, but thank you!  He really appreciated you being there Friday and talked about how you gave him a different focus on his events.  I wish we would have made the switch to SEA sooner.  Nathan is finally thriving in a sport he loves!  Between the coaches and kids, this team is a perfect fit for him.  Jo Anne M.

  17. Hey Neil, Real quick, just compared Jonah's times from beg. To end of season.  Jonah shaved nearly 13 seconds off his freestyle and nearly 6 off his backstroke. He was super proud and excited when we showed him the progress he made. Thanks for a great season. Really proud of how hard he's trying and how he's doing his best to work through some anxiety issues. I know this all wouldn't have been possible without a hardworking, dedicated coaching staff. So thank you for your efforts (to Sierra and Katie as well).  I gave him the option of taking a break and signing up for the summer session, he chose the spring which surprised us. He said 2 weeks away from the pool was enough, lol. Thanks again, Cassie B.

  18. I wanted to give you an update on some changes in our family. We are moving next week to Chicago to be closer to family and work for Joe. One of the hardest part of moving is leaving the SEA program. It has been an amazing experience for Vivian and we have really enjoyed watching her grow as a dedicated, competitive athlete. I signed up for the program to give it a try, and found it to be one of the greatest decisions we've made for her. We plan to enroll her in a swim program in Chicago once we are settled. Vivian is excited for the move, but very disappointed to leave her SEA friends and coaches. Thank you for everything you do every day to be such positive role models for athletes. You have had a big influence on her passion for the sport.  Julie U.

  19. Coach Neil ... You got to know idea how good your program is - because of location I'm out in LA with Sophia for Thanksgiving break and I got her swimming with a good team with Olympians as coaches and leadership.  You and your 2 girls and Jake blow them away in coaching fundamentals and teaching skills. Thank you for everything you did for Sophia last summer!!!  You all have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas … You are great coaches!!!  Phil P.